Here at The.Academy, in our new Silk Press 101 course, you will learn Glenn's personal techniques for hair styling, his favorite products, tools and how to use them. So clear your mind and be open to learning new information and a different view to achieving that flawless silk press look.

Here are just a few things you will learn in our video.

  • How to prep the scalp prior to shampooing
  • Glenn will go over a few of his Favorite shampoos and conditioners that he uses in the salon , as well as his technique on ensuring a proper shampoo/ scalp cleansing.
  • Glenn will show Step by step his signature blowdrying technique using paddle brush.
  • Glenn will show how he presses the hair quickly with one pass of the flat iron , creating a flawless finish prior to cutting.
  • Glenn will walk you through his custom technique on how he likes to do a perimeter cut establishing length, as well as a detailed demonstration on how he cuts the hair to create maximum volume, movement, and body with layers, then finishing off the style with a quick curl to accentuate the cut.
  • Most importantly, you will be able to take all the information Glenn shares back to the salon to use as is or in conjunction with other tricks, tips, and techniques to continuously create that flawless healthy silk press look, that will put you in high demand.

Silk press 101 is a one time payment that will give you unlimited access to Glenn's Silk press step by step video. please note this payment is finale sale/nonrefundable

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